Katrine's Best Tips to Paris

Katrine's Best Tips to Paris

Katrine used to live in Paris, and is now a frequent visitor in the city, she likes to call her second home.

In this journal, we will share Katrine's favourite places, her tips on where to sleep, what to eat, which stores to visit and streets to walk.

Maybe you're lucky to go French soon, and if not - let's consider this a salute to the Parisian dream, one we've shared our entire friendship.

Bisou Bisou, Dida & Katrine

It is not much sleep, I do, when visiting Paris, but I do, however, like to get home to a nice place, with inspiring interior and crispy sheets.

I normally stay at Grand Amour, which is the newest hotel of the group, with larger rooms and a cocktail bar. It is a sexy hotel, so bring your partner and look around you - it's burning hot everywhere.

Another option, less sexy but still classy, is Hotel Rochechouart, which is difficult to pronounce, I agree, but really easy to like, when you visit their rooftop bar. The view is the best, I've ever seen, there is not one monument, you can't see, and I highly recommend visiting, even if you're not staying at the hotel.

Lastly, if everything else is booked, I can also recommend Le Pigalle. It is close to all the restaurants of Montmartre, including Rose Bakery for breakfast.

Next time I'm in the city, I will try and book a room of Chateau Voltaire, which seems to be the it place these days... their restaurant, Brasserie Emil, is popular too.

You can never really go wrong when it comes to eating in Paris - as long as you follow the locals, the food will be great. Psst... if the café is covered in fake flowers, it's almost never a locals choice.

For breakfast, I visit Rose Bakery, Wild & the Moon or eat at the hotel. Sometimes, if the weather is nice, I also pick up a black coffee and croissant at the nearest boulangerie, which could be Liberté or Ten Belles.

Le Café de la Poste is my go-to for lunch, when I am in Le Marais. It is nothing fancy, just very authentic with a green menu. A few other options on the right bank is the food market Marché des Enfants Rouge, where you eat at the counter of the small stalls, or for a more posh experience, I just tried a very delicious gnocchi-curry at Tekés near Palais Royal. At the left bank, you'll find my second musthave, which is the €12 menu from Cosi. They just opened a spot in Le Marais, but the original is the one at Rue de Seine, where you'll also find a tiny park to sit and enjoy that delicious apple crumble, I apparently can't stop talking about. On the same street, you'll find La Palette, an institution and great option for cheese & wine.

For dinner, there are so many places to go, and to make it easy, I'll just list some of my favourites here - they're all great, trust me, but don't forget to book a table: La Belle Époque, Sugaar(such a sexy vibe), Clown Bar, Clamato(delicious seafood), Le Bistro Paul Bert(so french), BigLove, Candelaria(try their frozen margerita), Chez Janou(a little touristy, but the chocolate mousse is worth it), Au Passage, Le Mary Celeste, Le Verre Volé (more a wine bar), LouLou and Hotel Costes for sightseeing(the Kardashians, not the Eiffel Tower)

Discovering Paris is all about walking - the city is not that big, I promise, and you can easily walk from left to right bank in half a day. While walking, you'll see most monuments, especially if you cross the Seine. Go to Pont Alexandre for a great Eiffel Tower view.

My favourite walks are around Canal St. Martin, a visit to Jardin des Plantes and Grande Mosquée de Paris, passing Jardin des Tuileries and Jardin des Luxembourg, the last is my favourite with its cute kids activities, tennis court and petanque. For museums, I've visited Centre Pompidou and Musée de l'Orangie the most, and really want to experience the Rothko exhibition at Fondation Louis Vuitton.

When walking, I squeeze in a little shopping, and I like to visit the stores, we don't have in Copenhagen. They include Bonton in Le Marais for kidswear, Oh my Cream or Officine Universelle Bulyfor beauty and Dries van Noten for womenswear. The latter is not French, but the boutique is so beautiful, it feels like visiting a museum. I also like vintage shopping, and this guide mentions most of them. For vintage 501's, click here. Lastly, but definitely most importantly, if there is one shop I never miss, it is Yasmine Eslami, who makes the most amazing lingerie, so beautiful I like to unbutton my Florence Shirt a little more just to show of my bra.

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