Care & Repair

We hope, you will take good care of your Teira 1996 item. Most of our pieces are made from leftover fabrics in natural fibers, and requires little washing. Instead, leave your pieces outside for a few hours to freshen up.

If wash is needed, please wash the item with matching colours on your machines delicate program. We recommend not more than 30*c and a low rpm. We do not recommend tumble drying.

If your Teira 1996 style is torn, we hope you will give it an extra chance by repairing it. With visible mending, you have the opportunity to not only save your favourite wardrobe piece, but to give it a personal touch, and make it even more unique than it was.

Depending on the size of the damage, you can repair the item yourself. On our Instagram & newsletter, you will find several how-to-guides, and you can also check out our repair-kit that has everything you need for a visible mending project at home. 

If the damage is too big or difficult to repair, please contact us, and we will see, if our local embroidary specialist or tailor can help you.